Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remote work

When I got a set of Pocketwizards off Ebay last summer, I was wanting to set up a remote camera. I did it once with volleyball last fall and this past Saturday, I set up a baseball remote.

I used my Canon EOS 20D and old 80-200 2.8L as the lens. It won't autofocus anymore but is perfect for this setup.

It was raining that day, so I put a trash bag over the camera and PW. I sat in the stands and got this photo, which ran six columns in this week's Carlisle Independent.

The second and third pictures were taken at the same time. The third photo was the remote camera triggered by the PW on my handheld camera, the secopnd photo. It was taken with a Canon EOS 40D, 70-200 2.8L and a 1.4 TC

I was very pleased with my first effort at a baseball remote. Any suggestions would be welcomed.


Marc F. Henning said...

good job Mark. i missed a key play due to setting up in a bad position at an Arkansas baseball game more than a week ago. the next game i shoot i'll set up a remote for sure.

Mark Buffalo said...

I was just excited to get something in focus now I want to set up a remote every chance I get. I'm just glad I kept that old magic drainpipe that won't AF anymore. It is perfect for the remote setup.

I'm going to attempt a soccer remote on Tuesday! Let's see what happens.

thanks for the compliment

Dan Powers said...

How did the soccer remote go?

Bryon Houlgrave said...

That last shot makes me cringe.

Nice work!