Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lonoke Season Opener

For the first time since Cabot played in the state title game in 2000, I was able to shoot varsity football in the daytime and it was a pleasure to do so. I would have liked it to have been a little brighter but we, in Arkansas, were getting ready for the remnants of Gustav.

I shot more than 1,100 pics during the game, including pregame and halftime. I used my 1.4 extender during the first half and took it off in the second half when it started getting a bit darker but it was good to not have to worry about a flash. I'm one that if I can get something good at 3,200 ISO, I'll do it and not worry about using a flash.

The Lonoke Jackrabbits played the first game of the Arkansas high school football season on Monday in the Hootens.com kickoff classic at UAPB. The Jackrabbits won 35-20.

All photos were shot with the 40D, 70-200 2.8L and a 1.4 extender. It was fun to finally shoot a real football game.



Marc F. Henning said...

nice stuff Mark. enjoyed seeing ya in Little Rock yesterday. hope you got some good shots from the game.

Mark Buffalo said...

thanks marc, I will post some in a day or two after i get this week's papers out. Getting to hang with you and Zac was a lot of fun. There are times I wish i was just a photojournalist like you guys so it is a treat when I hang you all and Russ and Chris and Nelson, especially him since I used his 300 yesterday!

Marc F. Henning said...

that was really cool of Nelson to let you use his lens. i'll keep looking for your photos to post.