Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Hogs pull one out

The Arkansas Razorbacks rallied from a 24-6 deficit to beat ULM 28-27 on Saturday at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. I shot the game using a 40D and 20D along with a 300 2.8L USM lens that I borrowed from the greatest photographer in the world -- Nelson Chenault. It was only the second time I had used a 300 and it was the first time I got to use it for more than a quarter. It was difficult to say the least, the learning curve is very high but I had a lot of fun doing it.

40D, 300 2.8L

40D and 70-200 2.8L

40D and 300 2.8L

40D and 300 2.8L (I hate the crown in the field)

40D and 300 2.8L

40D and 300 2.8L

I had to include the band!

40D and 300 2.8L

Thanks again to Nelson for his lens and the use of it. With all that had been going on with my family and the loss of my mom, it was fun to shoot again, especially since I was using Nelson's lens and it was my alma mater.



Mike Jones said...

Mark-- Great photos!! I know it was a blast! The 300 is awsome but the opportunity is what I envy!!!

Shuperman said...

Nice stuff, Mark. Looks like you had a blast.

Mark Buffalo said...

thanks for the comments. I wasn't expecting a close game!

using the 300 is a challenge for a novice in big glass but it is something I'd love to do again!

Shupe, do you use a 300 or a 400 when shooting, like you did at the softball tourney in Russvegas?


Marc F. Henning said...

in hindsight i have a 1.4x converter you could've used with the 300, but i left it at home on gameday anyway.

if Nelson lets you use his lens at the LSU game, remind me and i'll bring it for you to use. it's a day game so you will have plenty of light for shooting at f4.

Mark Buffalo said...

Thanks Marc, I probably wont' get to shoot that one but I'll make a request for it anyway.

I did have a 1.4 on it some of the time. I used it on the Casey Dick daylight shot and I think on the shot of Joe Adams.

It was a lot of fun. I shot HS tennis yesterday and I would have killed to use that lens!


Elizabeth said...

WOW! Your photos are amazing.

Dan Limke said...

Bad ass shots, bro. Looks like all those years of training under my supervision have paid off.

"I keeeed, I keeeeed" -- Triumph

Nice work.