Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football, volleyball

The high school sports seasons are about to get going in a big way. Last week, I covered three scrimmage football games and a volleyball game.

On Friday night, I shot high school and jr. high football scrimmages. The shot of the receiver catching the ball was from jr. high. I shot it with a 40D, 70-200 2.8L-non IS and a 1.4 extender series I. I was happy with the shot.

The other was taken with the same setup minus the extender and added in a flash on 1/16 manual power. Not bad but I'm out of practice trying to shoot nighttime football with a flash. I hope things get better this week!

I got to the Cabot High School gym and had set up my Alien Bee B400 flash and was going to use my "new" pocketwizards but when I was changing things around in my bags, I forgot to get the cord to connect the PW to the flash. I had time and I called radio shack in Cabot and went and bought one but when I got back to the gym and hooked it up, the dang thing didn't work. I was scared something was wrong with the flash or the PW. Luckily, I hooked it up when I got home and it was all good. I've just got to take that other cord back. So, I had to shoot the pic above with on-camera flash b/c the light in the CHS gym is horrid, or not existant.

Sorry the layout isn't the greatest either. I'm trying to get more creative with the blog and it isn't working! I'll continue to work on it.

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