Friday, September 7, 2007

Lonoke vs. Beebe 9-7-07

The Lonoke Jackrabbits played the Beebe Badgers on Friday night at Lonoke's James B. Abraham Stadium. Lonoke is one of three teams I cover for our newspapers and they did not play well, committing 7 turnovers.

However, Beebe is coached by John Shannon, who was an assistant coach at Cabot, one of my other main schools. I consider John to be a good friend and one of his assistants is Shawn Robertson, another former Cabot assistant. In fact, I shot Shawn's wedding, which was one of the last weddings I shot on film! Yeah, film. Here some images from the game, including cheerleaders, band and the game.



dan said...

Awesome shots, bro, over the whole blog.

Those Alien Bees wireless? My sweet wifey bought me some Pocket Wizards for our anniversary, and I am lovin' playing with off-camera flash.

Glad to see the BFL in action.

Heh heh. You said "raw."

Heh. Heh - heh.


dan said...

...and you should add RSS to your blog for us fans.

Just sayin.'