Saturday, August 25, 2007

Footballl scrimmages, life

This has been a very hectic, stressful and fun week all rolled into one.
I shot football scrimmages three nights this past week and enjoyed most of it despite my sore right shoulder. I've got tendinitis and arthritis in my rotator cuff but I went to my doctor on Friday morning and got a steroid shot (thanks Barry Bonds) and the pain, for the most part, went away for a while so I was able to shoot Friday night pain free.
As I posted last time, my mother has been diagnosed with the C-word. I can't bring myself to say or type that word when it pertains to her. She will start chemo and radiation therapy this next week. She is just ready to get it going and be able to do all her normal things. She and I work together at the newspaper and it is going to stay that way.
My wife started back to work this week, starting her 25th year of teaching 7th grade English at Lonoke Middle School. However, this is the first time she has started a new year in a new building and it has invigorated her!
As for my photos, since part of my games started with bright sun light, I was able to use my 70-200 2.8L with my 2X extender. When it got dark, I took off the extender and tried some stuff by using 3200 ISO on the 20D to see what I could get. Also, I used my Sigma EF 500 DG ST flash on 1/16 power on either 800 or 1600 ISO. This was suggested by sportsshooter member Scott Varley in a trade secrets column and through an email with him.

I had some decent success but I'm ready for the regular season, which starts this week. And I'm ready to shoot some volleyball too!

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